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Australian warehouse facilities:
        Melbourne: Altona, VIC 3018 (Head Office)
        Queensland: Richlands, QLD 4077
        Sydney: Chester Hill, NSW 2162
        Perth: Welshpool, WA 6106
        Adelaide: Cavan, SA 5094

Sahara has a national footprint with >40,000m2 of warehousing space available across Australia. Expansion of this is to facilitate purpose built operating facility on behalf of our clients is available upon request (land available).

Pallet, shelf and secure cage storage are available across our warehousing facilities.

Our Facilities are HACCP accredited & Quarantined approved premises (QAP Certified).

B-Double access and all weather loading/unloading under enclosed large canopies in each state for delivery and receipt including receiving docks for rear unloading and loading.

Normal operating hours Monday to Friday 5:00hrs to 20:00hrs (24/7 hours available).

Site fully compliant and adheres to all OH&S/Worksafe regulations and policies (can be supplied upon request).

Security provided via 24/7 patrols; back-to-base monitoring and CCTV cameras with live time vision via mobile devices.

Independent staging areas specific to receipt, return, despatch, quarantine including fumigation pad.

Cross docking facilities available for management of interstate and local transport.

Wealth of experience across over 100 staff members nationally.

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