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Sahara Logistics Pty Ltd owns over 20,000 square metres of racked and bulk warehouse space nationally.

We are capable of handling dangerous goods as well as customs controlled storage.

Container storage
We can consolidate your cargo and organise
    freight forwarders
Product Sorts
Straight unloads or long term storage
Re-palletising for Export
Close to Wharf

Costs are simple and clear

Stock and Storage Control (fifo, lifo, quantity
    lowest, bond, expiry date, batch in any
Minimum shelf life allocations of stock
Customer Service
Easy to Understand Charging Upfront

Backorders can be automated by delivery
Stock-kitting and Assembly
You may be running a special or selling
    products in bundles, they may even come
    from different manufacturers. We can stock
    individual items and allow the order generation
    to pick up on a stock-kitted item
Orders Via Multiple Channels we can receive
    orders via fax, email, ftp, online (shopping
    cart), EDI, GEDI in a variety of formats
Invoice With Goods we can customise
    invoicing to your needs incorperating industry
    recognition with Australian Mass Merchants
    and the Grocery Business
Credits / Returns we have the ability to
    issues credit notes and track and accept
    stock returns

Extensive range of reports available both online and emailed includes:
Customisable Stock on Hand enquiries
    including Historical reporting
Stock Movement for Goods Inwards,
    Outwards, Adjustments and Transfers
Pallet Breakdowns
Invoice Enquiries
Invoice with Goods Sales Analysis
Month and Year To Date Sales including
    Previous year analysis
Most reports available in PDF, Excel and CSV

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